I check out the time, respond to a text or two. You happened to see me in the minute I was on it, and came up, "do you have anything to do?" I do. The boxes I was going to make, we don't have anymore. I already witnessed full garbage cans and was going to take them out, but the dumpster was full. I was waiting for our supervisor, as I remember you are not my supervisor. You don't know me, but I can do your job way better than you. Your shipping area is fucking disorganized. And why is it that you can't take out the garbage? Don't let me forget the time I walked up on you looking at your phone.
"This is how I do it." What makes you think that's what will work for me or it's the best way? Or, "this is the easiest way to do it?" Is it? The whole time you were needing to control my process, tell me how to work, I was watching you work making a complete mess of your workspace. You think you're working faster and concentrating on the task at hand, but here's this, you will have to clean up your space, or maybe, your maid will do it for you, right? It's the same difference when you make a mess and have to clean it later, or I keep clean and mess minimal as I go. I'm still more detailed and efficient that you. Our supervisors know.
Why don't you concentrate on your task instead of looking over all our shoulders and telling us how you do it. The whole effort you made to tell us what's the best way, we've lost time. We're fucking folding shirts for crying out fucking loud.