So 911 CAN OUT YOU ON HOLD. It's already known 911 is for emergencies only. They will also transfer you to the non emergency line without listening to you. The non emergency line CAN TAKE AS MANY OR MORE THAN 10 MIN to reach SONEONE.

There's beginning talks of a 3rd stimulus. Back up, I haven't gotten my 2nd one. My second one is "status unavailable." So that means needing to wait to claim it as recovery rebate when filing taxes. That could be mid Feb when all W2s are received or as late as April when I typically file because I hate doing these fucking taxes that arbitrarily come up with new rules each year. I also can't help but think it plays into taxes for next year. I also can't help but think my gross income this year will determine how much of the 600 I get back although DEAD PEOPLE GOT THEIRS. Or if I do owe which I have in recent years because taxes suddenly changed in this new administration, that will also deduct from the 600.

If you need help, count on no one should be the automated message.