What we're seeing now started with George W. Bush, scion of the elite fascists of this nation, Skull and Bones, an ignorant religionist, unqualified, impunity personified. He and Cheney and Rove created meaningless wars and sent the white, black and brown sons and daughters of the exploited to fight it; they harnessed the fury of the white underclass and used it to crush independent thought in the Republican Party; they sicced the thugs on the Iraqis and Afghanis, on immigrants, on unionists, on activists of any stripe but Tea Party. The Martini Democrats, the Libertarian poseurs, the Republican grifters, the overclass, the petty managers and entrepreneurs, didn't really mind that much as long as the stock market and their inflated salaries continued to rise while the working class sank and sank. Then Trump picked up on the white fury after Obama and stoked it for four years while McConnell kissed his ass and the Democrats dithered. Can the FBI, now, alone root out the insurrectionists among our fellow citizens, the police, the military? Do we have the will to stop dreaming and make a stand against racist, fascist elements in America? If Pelosi, Schumer, Pence and McConnell had been killed quickly, would the Congress be meeting right now, at all? Or would the monsters be laughing in the Capitol while Trump prepared to inaugurate himself to a second term? Do you think about it or do you go back to sleep and hope for your next package from Amazon to arrive, your next tweet or instagram or tiktok to get some Likes?