Fuck you. A nasty fuck you. What the fuck is wrong with you asshole fucking idiots?
Every day and again for the past month, king and queen beds and frames have been dumped on the street in front my house. What the fuck is wrong with you? Fuck you.
Where in any sense of love, community, building better relationships, and a better world does it mean to toss your unwanted shit for someone else to take care? I haven't looked but it must be something that donation centers don't take old beds?
This is also so synonymous and significant for me in a way in a bigger picture, that people can feel like they can just dump shit onto someone else for them to clean up. It's also relational to me when people don't want to be accountable for their actions.
So now there's a total of 5 beds and frames. I don't care only that I have to figure out what to do. It also makes me look bad, but my neighbors know. I don't drive or have a car, and if I did, it would never cross my mind to take care of your mess.
They say save your pennies for a rainy day, or make your wishes wisely or some shit like that. Well I'll waste a wish on you, and hope and pray that someday, in someway you can receive the same burden and disrespect on you. In other words, I don't care about your life and what kind of trouble you get. Your penance will come.
If I could pick you out in crowd, I would do evil to you. But I don't know you in a crowd and that spoils it for every other upstanding citizen.
Fuck you.
And fuck you again.