Powell!s carries a plethora of books by people I don’t like (Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” for example) that are deemed as badly written and by people as horrible if not worse than a certain right wing "journalist." Should I compile a list for them as a manifesto, in order to have these books banned as well as from our libraries? To them, this writer (who I will agree is an awful human being) is a fascist. Books were banned in Germany by the Nazi’s, they even burned medical books that in the late 30’s, showed through scientific research, that homosexuality is natural. Didn’t matter, they banned them. My relatives who lived in communist countries devoured books banned by their governments in secret. Do these little pricks who are protesting, even realize that trying to get a book banned IS fascism? Heard of censorship? If a book they held so dear was on the chopping block, they’d be screaming “That’s fascism! That’s censorship!” Sorry, but just because you hate someone and everything they stand for, doesn’t make you the moral majority to decide for others what they are able to read or buy. You’re acting like Nazi Germany and communist Russia by trying to ban the asshole.