Both of my parents were crazy alcoholics. Hear me out. They used to scream and fight about the most crazy and stupid stuff. I would sometimes side with one of them when they would start to make a sensible argument, and I would demonize the other parent for a while, until they started becoming extreme. I would then rethink my victim/bad guy vision and realize that maybe the OTHER parent must be the one who makes sense, and I had it backwards, so back to the pedestal thinking.
One day, I woke up and realized that BOTH of my (narcissistic) parents sucked, because they did not care about me, my life, or the way their conflict was destroying the house. It felt like they were working together towards pointless destruction and I was just the victim who picked up their bottles and took care of everything. After some books and honesty about both parents being inadequate, I realized I had to REparent myself and do my OWN thing. I went from true victim to survivor by changing my mind. You can, too.