you board a crowded bus and started walking to the back, loudly saying something and swearing. I caught energy of "mother fucker this, better move that." Then we happen to exit at the same stop yet you're blocking the rear exit and just standing there barking more shit, so I can't exit until you finally let me go first, instead of exiting your dumbass out first. Then you're yelling more shit as I exit. The bus driver was aware of your hostility when you came on, but bus drivers don't do anything for fear of altercations or bring stabbed, so I understand. So I said a loud "what!" To you. I didn't hear all your rants earlier nor was I curious to listening to another entitled, know nothing, do nothing all day loser, self privileged asshole, dominant angry man. I really, really wished I could've punched you in the face to put you in your place of simply delusional behavior. You were looking for trouble or had some bad day. Bad day for what? Not getting your free meal from somewhere? Or asked to wait in line wasting your time from all your important, and contributing activities you do all day?
We no longer live in human civilization people.