I can never avoid not being weird. I either say something out of norm, or have mannerisms that are off. Im not excusing this, or justifying it, but I wasn't taught social norms. I was bullied throughout my schooling, and was moved to many schools so never actualy made friends.
I lived through neglect, homelessness and foster system. Living in many homes and group home facilities.
I try so hard to be normal, I wish I was. I wish I never experienced anything ive lived through.
I'm in college trying to gain a degree, I just got a job even working in the public.
People always stare at me like I'm a freak because I act like a person who doesn't know social norms, ques or how to hold normal conversations.
Sometimes I wish I could die because how can I live a quality life, be productive at work and school, if I can never learn to socialize normaly?
I'm 31, its too late to learn developmental stages that should have been met years ago.