Hey, be nice to the people working in the veterinarian's office. We are working extremely hard. Your local clinic is doing the very best we can so suck it up bitches and stop yelling at us for everything. Veterinary professionals lead in suicides by professions, topping dentists. It’s not because of the animals and the death, or even the abuse. It’s the people who treat us like ass. So, you bought a 3000.00 mutt, but you don’t want to pay 150 for an exam and vaccines, and dewormer. We are not in retail we are in medicine. You want to sue because your dog died from the heart failure, we told you about several times, but you declined to treat? Fuck you. We are listening to people complain about wearing masks, not being allowed in the building, the fact that we are booked, the fact that you have to wait, that you have to drop your pet off for x rays. I have had several COVID-19 tests because we keep getting clients call to tell us that they tested positive the day after they brought buddy in and as it turns out you were waiting for the tests results and didn’t bother to let us know you were concerned about being sick. We are short staffed because we have staff either out with COVID-19 or quarantining because they have been exposed. We can only do so much. Just be fucking nice, be patient, be thankful we are even there for you to scream at. Also “designer” dogs without AKC papers are just expensive mutts.