Hey, fellow humans! i know that we are all feeling disconnected & alone, on so many levels. And i know that we try to do the small things that connect us with the world. You need it, i need it.
But please, please, can we take a step back from, say, opening the door for Women?
3 times today, i had dudes stop, open & hold a door for me. And literally stand there & wait for me to walk through.
The first dude was an older, bald guy, driving a truck with american flags. His mask was far below his nose as he held the door.
What am i going to say?
My son, who lives with me, is a heart patient. This virus will kill him.
Of course, none of these people know this. And that is the point.
Please, please, please stay back. Give us space. Let go of what you used to know.
It will probably save a Life.