A simple ask



I know, it's crazy...people still trying to perform simple acts of kindness, what fucking assholes.

You know you could have also taken a hard swallow and gone against your better passive-aggressive tendencies and actually said something like, "Thank you, but please go ahead."

Not to mention it's likely a toss up as to which is a higher risk; passing by that person the in same way you will with others once inside the store or actually touching the same door handle as many others before you have. There really is no risk free way to be in public, but I think you had opportunity to change the situation if you wanted to. What a living hell you must live in with people opening doors for you all day. Of course you have to make it a gender thing too. I witnessed a woman go off on another woman for doing this same thing at the post office the other day, it was beyond stupid.


my Gawd the anger 1.
we want it GONE too

perhaps we just Leave them Open?
with an After You -- Please! then
put the little stopper down and
everyone stays 6' apart.

(you might even Flex for them
but just a teensie taste)

Stay Safe and let's make this Panfucking
Demic a little less unenjoyable.

It aint That Hard.