You're always got your Trump support neck gaiter on. Lowered below your nose or off because of your glasses.
I dont care.
I don't hate you.
Truly. I'm virtually sideless in any argument. I believe in a little of both sides to have a one sided argument. I know not enough of actually facts rather than hearsay to formulate any strong opinion.
With all that said, you always sit in the do not sit seat on the bus.
Is that your fuck you stance? Where rules don't apply to you? Where you're better than everyone else?
Is that the difference between you and someone on the left? What are lefties called anyway?
Take Trump out of the equation, what you are is what you do and believe, and how you conduct yourself anywhere you go.
I'll never understand the need to wear some "brand" to declare who you are, what you believe, or your position and status in life.