When I see that Max rolling on up, gotta strategize which one to board on.
I like, what I think the second design of Max was. Where you don't have to sit somewhere that is directly facing across someone.
The first version which I think all are the ones that are lined up in rows, and you have to walk up 2 or 3 steps to be on the seated level. This one okay. Seats face one way then face the opposite direction too so you have to sit there for the whole ride with this person staring right at you. Unless either of us is looking at a phone. But looking at each other is so fucking uncomfortable.
The newest version I think, wherever you sit, you sit facing someone looking opposite you.
I guess the idea of many designs have a concept. In this case, the Max is for social interaction and friendliness, community, neighborly stuff?
But how many people have good intentions when they ask me a question?
How many people actually wanna have conversations with strangers let alone, but some topics without a purpose?
How many of these people do I really want to have a conversation with anyway?
How many of these people would take your shit if you weren't looking?
Yes, it happens.
But sitting there while some ugly face is looking at you the whole ride?
That is so awkward as such fuck.