I’ve been working face to face with the general public, about 50% of whom don’t wear masks or don’t wear masks properly, in an enclosed space for over a year now. People stand next to me like they don’t know there is a pandemic going on and ask me pointless questions that I don’t know the answer to. Then they act like they can’t hear me through my mask when I respond. When I say it louder they get mad at me for “shouting”, and take off their mask in order to shout at me more effectively. If you don’t do this for a living, you cannot possibly imagine what a full year of this does to a person. And now all teachers, who have been living and working comfortably from home for the past year, are getting vaccinated before me. As if I didn’t already know exactly how de-valued my job is. An especially gigantic fuck you to everyone who is going argue that the value of education is greater than my life. You come do my job for a week and then say that shit.