I get uncomfortable when you sit at a diagonal or right angle from me. Its very odd. Everytime I look, you're looking at me. I get uncomfortable waiting for something with you standing around, hands in your pocket, walking back and forth, your attention on anything that makes a sound or movement. Its just weird. I get uncomfortable when you can't stay still. Shifting your body, tapping and shaking your legs and feet. Shuffling through your bag.
I dont know why crossing the street at a big intersection with cars on the red waiting for green makes me nervous and uncomfortable. It just does.
So, the bank wasn't open, and 4 of you were waiting a few minutes for it to open while I walked up. I knew what was going to happen and it did. Automatic response, 4 of you had to look to see who the new number added to the equation was. Its such a stupid human condition. So my way to deal was to do a little dance. Might as well give you something to look at. Then I said were going to storm the castle. I guess it put you all at ease because you all smiled and said something I wasn't going to listen to. Its kinda my way of making fun of you and the situation but you took it and became friendly.
Next as I was walking at a convergence with a lady and a boy with his go-cart, I felt anxiety coming. But I said, "hi kitty kat." To the boy. I think you both thought me crazy. I dont think I am. Whats crazy is saying or doing nothing but staring. So if it makes you think me crazy or friendly, I'm going to give you something to look at.