I've offered CBD gummy and drops to different coworkers recently.
One said she just took some pain medication and didn't want to get overmedicated when I offered the gummy. The other person I was talking about my morning routines of low one to one THC and CBD puffs. I said I had CBD drops in my pocket. They said he better not at work.
I'm know I'm uneducated on many topics but I like to know at least a little.
Full Spectrum CBD may have some THC but it is not enough, and not enough of the psychoactive parts of the process either way and will not get you high. Hemp oil is also not CBD like I've heard too. Hemp oil is more like those Omegas. I will also add anyone who says they need THC for their pain is exaggerating. It might be true, but really, admit it. It is to get high. I can have the same pain when I'm on THC or not. I'd also say I cannot testify with any CBD stress or pain relief, or reduction in anxiety. There are benefits of which I just can't prove. I take Ashwaghanda, Reishi, etc. Mushrooms, not psychedelic, though sometimes and I'd like to eat a stem and cap daily but there is some fear I have. I also take Noni, Goji, and Hemp. I can have pain, anxiety, and stress on any given day after doing the same thing everyday. So all I know is I can work long days with positive energy but pain will come and go. The mind and body I think are a lot more complicated than take this and that'll help.