Oddly, despite the pandemic this has actually been the best year of my life. Since closures began, I've been admitted into a limited entry mental health and addictions counseling degree program, I've been able to buy a car and get my drivers licence, I've paid off half my student loan debt, I've gotten a job that pays $14.75 an hour. My kids have adapted to online schooling, although they miss in person ofcourse. Ive had access to paid for childcare because I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to pay for it while going to school!
My kids are happy, we got a pet cat and a pet dog!
I'm not trying to show off here, im just trying to list our blessings. I hate school closures and this pandemic, but its just so odd that its actualy this year that I've been given so much opportunity, stability, and growth that I never thought I'd see.
I pray others also can have these same opportunities for upward mobility. Im comming from the gutter too, if I can do it, I know others can too if they do the foot work and if our community starts to provide supports