Not everything has been awefup



It's refreshing to hear something good right now. There are so many people suffering. I am happy for you and your children. Here's to taking that good and turning it into more good - for yourself and for others. Take care, stay healthy, and be well.


I concur, as a federal employee I have lost no wages and even got an increase and COLA, am able to work from home saving thousands in gas and travel time, no lunches on the run so saving bank there; and do not have to meet face to face with people I can't stand. And since no boss looking over my shoulder can run my side business while on the gov dime, as long as I turn out the minimum requirement per our agencies metrics. With Uncle Joe in office, I will do even better, with the unions being stronger to support and defend me. I was going to retire under a continued Trump administration, but I might as well stay on the dole as long as I can and milk it for all it's worth. Life is good.


OP paying the good cheer forward. Thanks!