I wonder if leave blowers know how much they're hated.
I did it once to a bunch of leaves on a courtyard in the forest.
It is a trip for reals though. Watching thousands of leaves fly through the air in front of you being controlled by this really loud and powerful machine.
I saw 2 leaf guys once tagteaming a lawn part of a school that was closed to Rona. I was hoping they'd cross the streams. I busted out laughing when they double teamed the bush. How could they possibly not know how ridiculous that looked? I saw another dude blowing like a rock garden type area. That was a joke. There was another dude blowing I could not figure out for my life what in the hell he was trying to accomplish on the sidewalk in the rain. He has to know how pointless that is. The purpose is all to blow leaves off the sidewalk in front of only your business. Great, sidewalk looks good, but what about the street just 2 feet away you just blew all that shit on. Because you aren't cleaning that up I'm sure. But pass your mess onto someone else, and wash your hands of the responsibility. A stupid job indeed