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I don't know if they do but I hate them with a hot searing power equivalent to the intensity of the sun. And they show up twice a week here. The joke? WE HAVE NO LAWN. WE HAVE NO LEAVES. They blow some dirt around for about an hour and then leave.

The most obscene is when it is pouring rain and they come and run the leaf blower. We moved 3000 miles away from a neighborhood full of trees and tons (literally) of leaves and teams of lawn care workers showing up weekly to blow leaves and cut lawns.

Now we live on the coast, blocks from the ocean, in a building that has no lawn and no leaves and yet the lawn care posse and their leaf blowers still show up like clockwork making a shit ton of noise twice a week. The fact that the people who own this building pay for this confounds me. Especially since they don't want to pay for other things, like a new elevator. There's a some bushes and mulch and lots of concrete, but no reason to use a leaf blower to blow dirt around.


i think it's like the cook in 'lonesome dove' who used to bang the dinnerbell for ten minutes if he felt like it maybe more -- they gotta Make NOISE. it's in the landscrapers' contract and now it's in their blood too. and your landlords Fools no wonder their money soon part ways and Not in a Good way. condolences.


"But pass your mess
onto someone else,
and wash your hands
of the responsibility."

oh you mean Capitalism
where socialism avoids
the 'bottom' 90% and
Favors the Wealthy?


The worst is when you work swing or graveyard shift and just as you're about to fall asleep, they show up under your window. It's so freakin' loud! And to to do what? There's NO LEAVES. To just blow away water? WTF? How many times I've fantasized about following one of the those dudes home and two hours after he falls asleep, start up a leaf blower outside his bedroom window. Oh, and just about as he thinks I'm done and starts to FINALLY drift off back to sleep? BOOM! I'm back again for round two. I mean I know he's just doing his job, but sheesh. No personal hard feelings Mr. Leaf blower, but fer chrissakes can someone do something about this?

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