Why does the cop union get a secret session with the city council behind closed doors so that the public can't know what's going on and comment? Why are the police asking for more money when they violated the DOJ agreement and continue to behave violently toward Portland citizens? Why isn't the PPB outfront like Gearhart demanding that they not be sent to mental health calls, since they obviously can't handle them properly? Why is the media letting the cops use them to make it sound like shootings are epidemic now and so the bureau MUST have more money, more guns, more overtime, more personnel? Why when the Capitol cops committed suicide was it not reported that they "had a history of mental health issues," which is the way members of the public are made to seem damaged when they commit suicide? Is there any link between cop propensity for suicide and their violent response to people in emotional crisis? Do cops have a different view of right-wing militias they coddled now that we've all seen footage of them taunting and attacking officers? Why aren't these questions being asked by the media? Even the Romans knew that you have to watch the watchers, guard the guardians.