Shovel It



I'm not a fan of this law, but technically it's the property owner's responsibility to clear the sidewalk in front of their home. Similar to how the owner also needs to maintain that planting strip between the sidewalk and the street.


Funny how people don't want any government involvement in anything but god forbid they are asked to shovel the sidewalks in front of the property they own. Then by gum the government should be doing it! People learn quickly that it's easier to shove their sidewalk than it is to pay up on a civil lawsuit when someone falls and sues. But that's capitalism, am I right?!


@3 -- that's good, honest work if you can get it.

"... eventually they'll need to trek out for more coconut-flavored rum and hotdogs. No one should be injured by negligence when simply trying to feed their family." --I, A

I commend you for offering them a well-balanced diet during the Blizzard (cum Panfucking Demic) of '21. kudos. don't forget the buns!