I get off bus to start walking to work. Lady stuck at the intersection bus stopped. I asked to help. She said she doesn't know what she's doing. She'll be fine. At the same very moment, a convergence, the bus driver asks where a street was. I said it's that way. At the same very moment another convergence, the man behind the bus told the bus driver, can you at least get out of the way? Okay, I could tell lady didn't want help. Go for it. I don't need to help you. I wonder how long later you were still "fine." Bus driver, sorry you didn't believe me when I said the street was the way it was. Man behind, seriously where do you think this bus can go to let you pass, and seriously again what makes you think the driver should move just for you? Seriously again, why can't you be part of the solution instead of needing to get to the rest of your life which you think you're important in?
These situations have made me lost all faith in the need for human interaction and contact. Good samaratinism is only called for when the person wants to receive it. I don't know that it works that way.
Wait for part 2 of why I give up on trying to care.