Walking to get back home, I was completely satisfied to give up on the day after 2 buses didn't show.
Just then, walking pass a driveway with a slight incline, a car is gassing it to get out at the very moment I'm walking by. I raise my hands, the man at the top of his stairway behind the fence says keep moving. I'm like wtf. I said, what. He kept saying move along. I have not learned how to not stoop to the level of the person who cannot, will not, and wouldn't even try to see or learn how completely illogical their justification is for what they believe. It's so absurd. I called him names. I feel bad, not really. I called him out. Would I have fought? Maybe? He stood behind his fence, still china bull shop man, now raising the shovel I guessed later he used to try to help his lady out with? And was now coaching her from his open doorway behind a fence instead of helping down below to get the car out? Hmm. His lady got out of the car, saying it's her fault, for me to keep moving. She at least told him to shut up too. I wanted so hard for her to get on his man's case because I knew she knew how stupid that situation would be to try to be struggling out of a driveway only to run into someone. I wanted so bad for her to see the huge jerk she loves is. She never will. And he will never see his actions in this situation. So that's why.
Fuck it. I don't care about you assholes anymore. I don't care about trying to be a good samaritan either.