Throwing Snow Balls part 2.



Please stop publicizing your neuroses in this forum. It’s nauseating. Shit like this goes down every minute of every day and you can either cling to it and invite all kinds of negativity into your life or you can grow up and learn that different people have different capacities. What exactly is it with this misguided idea that everyone “should” meet some sort of basic standard for human behavior? Haven’t you had enough years on the planet to realize that they “don’t”? Get over it and if you can’t then get help.


She knows. And if he knew better, he'd do better. Ask yourself "what pain is this person in that makes him behave so?" If you practice this you can know true freedom.


@2 -- whoa!


The fact you let this apparently ruin your day and now you’re bitching and meaning about it, says a lot more about you and your issues. Pathetic.