Weather events in the winter, smoke events in the summer. These will only increase. Yet it seems the average citizen still wants to live like it's 1950. It isn't. And don't worry about "saving the earth." The earth will be just fine. It can shake off the human species like a bad rash. It is yourself and the human race you need to be concerned about saving. The actions that would have the most impact on climate are: 1) Stop buying and driving trucks and suvs. They don't have the emission standards that cars do and they tear up the streets we all need to drive on. If you don't haul lumber for a living, you don't need a truck—admit that you just got mesmerized by the advertising and you want to dominate the rest of us. That's not how survival works, Jack—it was cooperation that got the human race from rocks and fire to rockets and the power grid. 2) Stop eating meat. Every pound of meat takes an exobitant amount of water to produce and cattle yards and pig yards pollute the atmosphere and the ground water. 3) Use public transport or walk if you are able. Better for you, better for the planet. 5) Don't waste water on lawns. This isn't England and you don't live in a castle. We don't need weird imported grasses when the plants indigenous to an area are easily grown. 4) Demand that your local, state and national representatives take climate change seriously and take appropriate action. You don't want your children and grandchildren to suffer in harsh conditions and lack. Change now.