Still refuse to change your habits?



We can barely get people to wear a fucking mask, how you going to get people to do everything on this


This diatribe is right out of 1983.

Emission standards for trucks and SUVs are actually HIGHER than for sedans and coupes. Unless you don't understand the difference between a pickup truck and an actual large truck, you may be confused by this. I get that. This is an old saw that just isn't true anymore.
I agree, eating meat is unhealthy. But your reasoning, like the above, is antiquated. You realize plants need water too, right? Actually even more than animals. The problem you're not getting here though is that one needs feed as well and the other doesn't. Feed is what makes animals a destructive source, not water.
It's nice that you live somewhere that has good public transportation. You realize that PDX is among the top 1% for public transportation in the world though, right? This is where it starts to become clear how privileged you are, and how much you don't understand that you are making a privileged argument.
You don't believe indigenous plants also need water? You don't realize that England gets about as much rain as the NW? I think you might believe landscaping is about watering, not about tending and culturing.
I already do. It's not helping though. From reading your diatribe it's apparent there is very little education out there about it.

Did I miss the part where you triumph electric cars or other actually extremely bad and dirty technologies? It seems like that should've been there. Maybe it will be in part 2.


Ignoring the fact that the majority of climate change is caused by corporations, that industrialized agriculture relies on slave labor...there's just too much to roll my eyes at in this post.


I’ll continue to have salmon and a burger when I please, OP. So you can fuck right off with the self righteous bullshit.


"compassionate love is strong. It sobs, it burns. Then it wipes its tears -and does nothing" - Alexander Herzen