Campaign Promises




Biden's been in office 1 month and 1 day, and you're crying that he hasn't fulfilled all of his campaign promises? Seriously?

I'm not even going to bother pulling apart your assertions on what campaign promises he hasn't fulfilled yet, because, most of those were not promises. They were you hearing things from other people who heard things and wanted those good things to happen for yourself. But they didn't.

Anywho, your little rant really only shows how privileged you think you must be to demand that all these things happen and they happen right now! Sorry, little emperor. I'm guessing you're maybe 20? Shit takes time. he's got 4 years (if he doesn't die first) and if he fulfills one actual campaign promise he will be ahead of the politician game and be at least in the top 1%. And that one promise will probably take 4 years to achieve, but I'm betting you don't understand that because you probably didn't pay attention in social studies or American history classes.