I feel the need to scream daily. I do my best to suppress the urge to yell out loudly about my frustrations. I have a whole mixed bag of emotions and problems that I let control my inner dialogue, more than I probably should. Working 40 hours a week as an "essential employee" at a friendly neighborhood grocery store gives my inner voice plenty of frustrations. The fake appreciation for what we do while at the same time giving us so much grief, is incredibly unfair and ridiculous. To top everything off, we are much further away from getting our vaccines while seniors, who happen to be some of the rudest customers, are getting their shots first. Don't worry about us though, because the "Thank you" pay is making up for the stress and ridicule we absorb when dealing with the public, while at the same time being exposed to thousands of people and the virus every single day. We never had the option to "work from home". I really want to scream. Every. Single. Day.