I Want to Scream



Scream every day (somewhere you can safely do so). You deserve that release. Your anger and frustration are valid and your screams should, every day, in every way be directed at Trump and his insane clown posse of an administration. Period.

You think seniors are getting their shots? Think again. It's like the fucking hunger games out there. If people aren't tech savvy and able to get their appointment when their number comes up the minute it comes up, well they are shit out of luck. It is insane how many people are getting screwed. Because of Trump we all exist in this world: Hope you can get your shot before you get sick and die! Good luck!!!

Trump made a conscious decision to do nothing about the coronavirus. Nearly 515,000 people are DEAD. Over 30 MILLION have had the virus. He shipped ventilators and PPE (and who knows what else) out of the country and POOF there is no record of where it went.

Trump flat out lied about the supply of vaccine and getting tens of millions vaccinated by the end of 2020. The Biden administration truly had no idea they were walking into a situation they would have to create everything from scratch. And producing enough vaccine to vaccinate the entire country is not something that can be done in a short amount of time.

We all got seriously fucked by Trump. He is a mass murderer and a psychopath who figured he would allow (possibly) millions of people to die rather than do anything (especially not his job as president). It is unfathomable that he has been allowed to get away with it. It is unfortunate that he cannot die half a million or one million times - of COVID every single time - over and over and over. That would not even come close to justice, but it would be something.

And while the OHA releases information daily and most counties have multiple updates weekly, the information being provided is not truthful. They claim they have moved on to group 1B. Well that's interesting since they haven't vaccinated everyone who should have been vaccinated in all groups before 1B. They tell people they are eligible for the vaccination, but there are no vaccines. People who should have been vaccinated by the end of this month will most likely not be fully vaccinated until the end of April. And everyone who should have been vaccinated by the end of April? When will they be fully vaccinated.

I live in rural county where 44,000 people live and they have barely vaccinated over 2,000 people. And they just cancelled today and tomorrow's vaccination "events." The state has not even vaccinated 1/3 of the population. Even when the time comes when there is enough vaccination to vaccinate the entire state, the entire country, there are too many zombie idiots out there who refuse to get vaccinated. This nightmare may truly never end because of it.

People have no right to be shitty to you. I wish they wouldn't be. I haven't been out of my home since March 2020, because if I got COVID I would die. My 71 year old mother is the one who has to go out and she is kind to the people working at the grocery store. She does her best to stay away from all of the zombies, get in, get out, stay safe, stay healthy. If she were to get sick she may not die (but could) and she'd probably infect me and I would die.

Every day here people don't wear masks, don't social distance, and even if they are trying to do those things most don't know how to properly wear a mask or understand what true social distancing is or what six feet really looks like (when the truth is we need to be maintaining more than six feet of distance and wearing two masks).

At this point all we can hope for is that the Biden administration meets its goal of 300 million vaccines by July and that this country might be in a place to return to some sort of normal (whatever the fuck that means) by the end of 2021.


Christina I'm not arguing with you but I think scream-energy has to be reserved somewhat. Primal screaming is a great therapeutic weapon to use and you don't want to blunt that blade. But yea, scream that shit.


God. Haven't been in here for about a year. Had hoped Christy had left. Jesus Christ. She just can't give it a rest. See you next year. I'mout.