I feel like there will be and already is a new social expectation. Yes, indeed. LETS FORGET SAYING THANKS AND EXCUSE ME, COVERING COUGHS, HOLDING DOORS OPEN FOR PERSONS BEHIND, and other social behaviors of courtesy and etiquette. Let's focus on walking by someone and making sure they're masked up, OUTDOORS. That's about the dumbest logic ever. Cause you will eat outside next to a table of people unmasked. Any difference? Nope. Makes even more stupid sense that I mask up for the seconds I walk by you. Sorry, dear, whatever shit I got is in the air the other seconds I'm not masked up before or after you. I'm not doing it. That doesn't mean I DONT RESPECT YOU. I'm just a rational thinking person. The dumbest is when you turn your body so your back is towards me as we walk by. Fucking dumb. So fucking dumb. So don't look at me with evil, why is she not masking up eyes, as I walk by you.