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I don't live alone, but have been in my home (apartment) for an entire year. I feel for you. I can't wait to see people again. I have to wait until vaccinated and then until everyone else is vaccinated.

I am far more terrified of dying from COVID than I am of not seeing other people. There is so much technology now it is far easier to be in contact with other people than ever before in the history of the world.


What a privilege not to care. imagine not knowing anyone who has been sick (especially knowing long haulers who have had COVID and never recovered and will be sick for the rest of their lives). Imagine not knowing anyone who has died. Imagine not caring if you get sick, get someone else sick, kill someone else, or kill yourself. What a privilege that must be.

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Christina Rae I just like to point out, flaming someone in the comments section you have never met and you know nothing about their life is also a privilege ;) People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.


Meanwhile in the news today - parents and their children burning their masks at the Idaho state capitol, Republican states ending mask mandates and opening everything up for business, and an announcement of how scientists here in Oregon have discovered the variant of COVID-19 first seen in South Africa has spontaneously replicated itself here.

I do live in a glass house. And you are the one throwing the rocks. I have been in my home (apartment) for an entire year. People like you will ensure that people like me and others have to remain in their homes or die. Since personallyI know people who have gotten COVID, know people who are still sick months and months later, know people who have died from COVID, know doctors and other heath care providers who are burnt out beyond belief from treating COVID patients and watching them die horrific deaths, and am in the camp of people in this country who have done EVERYTHING to stem the spread while at the same time watching people go on vacations, have parties and weddings, go to churches, and refuse to do anything being asked of them because they just don't care, I will flame you for your cavalier attitude.

You wrote: I just stopped caring about the coronavirus and started going out and having fun...I just don't care anymore. And you expect not to get flamed? Go fuck yourself.


You can say whatever you want about me. You wrote that you don't care. Your words.
YOU. DON'T. CARE. So, we can only hope that if you get sick instead of going to a hospital, you'll just reiterate that you don't care. That you'll be sick. That you may or may not survive. After all you don't care, so why should anyone else care? All we can hope is that you don't sicken other people or kill other people while you're out living your life the way you please because you don't care. And since you don't care, perhaps the world will respond in kind to you. After all, why should anyone care?


Plot twist: Christina Rae doesn’t care either.


Imagine a world where no sentences start with "imagine."


@KateBlueSky Please see #12, the last line of #8, and new employment opportunities in wherever you came from. Thank you.

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