Every district has the choice to provide both CDL and full in class five days a week of in person instruction. Instead Kate Browns executive order allows for a hybrid loophole. So my childrens district never met with parents or provided a survey for parents to complete in whether we want full in person or hybrid. They just chose hybrid. First they said 9-2 twice a week, then walked that back to two days a week of A and B cohorts where A is from 9-11:30 and B is 1-2:30. Teachers have had priority for this vaccine, goalposts continue to change. Thw while point of schools closing was to protect the elderly and prevent hospitals being over run. It wasn't to get to zero covid or wait for children to get vaccinated! A majority of teachers, their unions and administrators are white. They claim BIPOC families dint want in person. Contrary to that, nearly 50% of my kids district wants in person, most are BIPOC. We are BIPOC and low income. White teachers are using their white priviledge to speak for low income and BIPOC families who want and need a full in person return. The only way I see schools opening full time is if Kate Brown actualy mandates it. It's sad districts have sacrificed our children.