It’s incredibly embarrassing how Portland’s self proclaimed called political leaders have demonstrated how unthinking, insular, and cliquish they really are.

We used to admire your leadership at the marches and protest. We used to follow your voice calling out our oppressors and calling for equality. We used to count you as a friend of the people.

We were even arrested together events.

But instead of changing the world, the world changed you.

We have witnessed it all.

You became just like them, just like Trump.

You became more obsessed with how many followers you had then were you were leading them. You became more obsessed with how to hurt those you called enemies than how to heal our community. You became more obsessed with your control over others than championing democratic values.

We have witnessed it all.

We were right next to you. We warned you about your Twitter addiction. We warned you not to trust the political consultants. We warned you not to take credit for community actions.

We warned you not to cross us.

You have no principles, you have no ethics, you sold us out for a shitty suit, a meaningless job title, and the opportunity to rub elbows with the corrupt crony class.

Everybody knows.

Did you really think it was just the Police we were going to expose?

We warned you about those bad bets.

Here’s the last little piece of advice we have for you:

Back off. We’re scientists.