You are more than welcome to join us at the table, where we all take turns, listen, and respect what each other has to say.

You know, like real adults recommitted to the collective success of our shared community.

We keep inviting you and you keep refusing.

Who you include and exclude from your “collective” speaks volumes of who you really are.

Using our words is how humans solve problems together. Have you ever tried reading books?

Perhaps you have goals that conflict with our shared community values.

Portland stands for democracy.

We reject Trumpian and Putinian threats of violence and vandalism.

We are done allowing you free reign in our city.

We are done allowing you to use Dr. King’s words to corrupt his legacy.

We are done allowing you to hide behind our decades of work countering anti-facist and anti-authoritarian behavior.

We are smarter and better organized than you.

We’ve been taking notes. We’ve been making records.

It's time for you to show Portland who you really are. We are happy to help you with that should you need it.

You’re not the unheard. We’ve been listening the entire time. More than you’ll ever know.

The truth is out there and more is on it's way.