deer Disingenuous Provocateurs



@ #1

Arlo111, most times, before I see your handle, I can identify you by reading just your first sentence.

The denigrating nature of your responses coupled with your persistent misunderstanding of what's been posted are your trademarks.

Pro Tip: If you are going to ridicule a poster for presuming to be "smarter/wiser than whoever their target is", maybe you should know the definitions of the words you type. There are online resources available to help you. (I'm alluding to "dictionaries" where you can find the definition of "elude", which seems to "escape the perception, understanding or grasp of" you.)


Sooner of later this guy will demand that the Merc publish his manifesto in full...


@ #3 Just cuz #1 confused two similar words with different meanings doesn’t in any way discount their point, or make you somehow “smarter”. Intelligence is not a unitary thing that is quantified by vocabulary. It’s arguable, but I’d rather say it’s more appropriately quantified by the ability to consider context, and to communicate that context clearly to a wider audience. Something a little lacking in the OP. Lots of details are missing there and lots of emotion is present in it’s threatening tone. A combination that does not lend itself well to a wider audience. Just saying. This is a public forum and we’re not all clairvoyants.


Oh and “just in case” you happen to be the OP, #3... here’s a short list of the things that need defining. What the table is, what ‘collective success’ means, what ‘shared community’ means, who the “collective” that includes/excludes is, what the ‘shared community values’ are, what you mean by ‘democracy’, how countering antifacism could possibly help with this... I could go on but I fear that would just instigate more rambling posts.


@ k.lee

Did you see what Arlo111 commented this morning to the 'I Have Proof!' posting?

[Noun, not sure you understand what words mean.]

Oh, the irony...


aaand no one mentions the deer. <3


no @10 that's not true
@10 mentioned them, above.
how did you Miss that man I dunno.