Fully Fund Police Disarmament



I am pro LE and pro union. However, there are limits. If you want to reform police departments you have to renegotiate the current union contracts. They are designed to protect LE personnel from accountability and transparency. Even oversight boards have to wait several days before they can conduct an investigation into use of force. The idea is to give the officer "time" to process the trauma. But this is abused and stewards use the time to coach the officer and put together a plausible story. I guarantee you if a civilian commits an offense no such space is given to them. I get it. LE are under a lot of pressure. We expect too much from them just like we do our teachers. But there has to be balance and social justice or we end up with fascism.


The PPD does not prevent crime. They ARE the criminals. Everyone complaining about how shitty Portland is now - are the police doing anything? NOPE. Are the billions of dollars spent paying the police doing anything to improve Portland? NOPE. The PPD just got caught red handed trying to bring down a Black woman with a lie. They are terrorists. Gut the force entirely. Destroy it completely. Put them all out of work. Spend the billions on paying this WSTs into communities, lift people out of poverty, and create community based organizations. The police do not prevent crime. The police do solve crime. The police commit crime, enable crime, and enforce violence and white supremacist terrorism. 2020 showed everyone that the police do not give a fuck about life. And WSTs will kill police, too, if they get in the way (see domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol January 6, 2021). Enough bullshit. We either get rid of them and do something different or we continue to piss away billions of dollars paying people who do nothing productive to help society and everything they can to harm it.


Take away their taxpayer funded guns and ammo then watch how fast they stop spouting 2nd amendment bullshit.


Ah, coherence. An archaic reminder of times long gone... still sweet and yet so intangible! trapped in the paradox of legal protections for racist organizations. What a quandary. I guess we’ll just have to devolve into complete chaos and scream at each other until the environment deteriorates to the point that it mirrors our internal rage. sigh


I see a lot of complaining with no real solutions. I think police should be accountable to the neighborhood they protect, and making necessary changes will take time.
Set goals with reasonable time requirements.
- Our city has neighborhoods, require the force that polices each neighborhood to like in those neighborhoods.
- Each neighborhood precinct should be overseen by a neighborhood police commission with each having one member for the overall city police commission.
- use of force reviews should consist of members of the neighborhood where the violence was committed.

these or similar changes take time, require all new hires to be from the neighborhood being "protected"


Camden, New Jersey.
Had a police force almost as bad as Portland's.
In 2013 they disbanded it, firing all of the cops. Then created a new police department to take its place. The fired cops were invited to apply for jobs. But if they were shitty people they wouldn't be hired. I think shitty was defined as bigots who thrive on excessive force.
It worked. Camden traded in its thugs for humans. Everyone except the thugs won.
We can do it too.
Except Wheeler needs to go first because...