Is it me? I really wanna know. Everday I catch the bus, it's the same guy who takes his same seat while I take mine at the back. It's safe for me back there. I've studied this bus and it's occupants. Everytime he gets on, he looks right at me, only at me. He could be looking for a seat to sit but that's disproven because he sits in the same one up front? It could be that I'm in his line of sight? Nevertheless, I cannot relax knowing he's gonna get on and start looking at me. The anticipation of when he'll board keeps me uneasy until he's done staring at me. You see, not everyone who boards needs to look directly into my eyes. I mean, he doesn't look at anyone else, I'm watching. There's also another guy who'll want to always sit sideways of me, when he has other front facing seats to pick. That is just weird too. He'll choose to sit sideways but, in this case, look the direction the bus is going. Doesn't that hurt your neck? Some people who choose to sit sideways, all they wanna do is look forward or back at the back of the bus. This back looking is another curious annoying tactic. So this guy, everytime I look at him, I catch him looking at me. It's so weird. Sometimes I move because, there are other seats I can take where he won't be staring at me, that he could've taken in the first place. Also, why sit sideways when all you gonna do is look to the front or back? Sometimes he doesn't ride with me. But my point is I cannot relax until both these situations are resolved. Is it me? Also stop staring. It's just weird.