Man I wish cell phone talking use could somehow be outlawed on public transit. It will never happen, yea I know. And I know these yappers need constant attention so they don't feel neglected. Okay fine, tell your recipient all about your day, who you hate, why Karen is grounded, the tight party last night, your piece on the side, how you're almost home, what's for dinner, what you ate for lunch and on and on. I hope who you're telling it to cares because I sure don't. And if you must talk, you're too dumb to understand using a filter. If you must talk you're dumber without thinking we don't wanna hear about your life. You're the dumbest when you don't get how you CAN, I'll repeat, are able to lower your voice. And if it's too loud inside, that doesn't mean "I can't hear you." Or talk louder.
It means fucking talk to you later.