A while back I had maybe plantar fascititas. Wouldn't know for sure, too scared and stubborn for doctors. It was excruciating pain with every step. I walked on it for a while. It was pretty dumb, really painful. Finally bought into the Good Feet program. Hella Expensive but worked. It "corrected" the pain. Then I started not using them but also bought into an insole that you step on while its heated and it forms to your feet then is molded to your foot. That works too. Alot cheaper. But I guess, enough walking around on regular insoles or with the plain memory foam did whatever it did. I remember discussing to someone about foot pain and how he loves memory foam. I tried explaining to him these two other things. He not a good listener, and you know how you can't talk to anyone who thinks they have it all figured out? Pandemic come along and first two months I sat around. Then went back to work and walking and within a week, more excruciating pain with every step. I also jacked my knee on the same leg, and its all connected brother. So I got back to using the heat formed insole. Thats from a running store in case you're curious. I used as well CBD, hemp, and other pain lotions and roll on sticks. Foot pain went away and knee is still jacked.
Alot of daily joy is in feet I tell you. To live and work with pain makes for shitty, shitty days.
I dont have anything figured out
I'd like to add that the right kind of socks and undergarments can also make for a good or bad day.