I, Anonymous Mar 26, 2021 at 9:38 am



Men who flush during urination were raised by mothers like mine, who couldn't stand the sound.


There’s a difference between personal responsibility and corporate responsibility and government responsibility. Which one(s) would you like to see more of regarding water, recycling, and other uses of natural resources?


It’s called splash back.


if you don't mind a a little Fecal Matter
splashing back on you well I guess
that's on You, I,A

not me.


And what’s with guys spitting into the urinal when they walk up to it?


“Hey grampa, why is water so expensive”?

“Well you see, fellers didn’t take kindly to other fellers pee so most fellers used a lot to make sure they didn’t get the cooties on their khaki docker pants”


I generally sit down when I pee. It's just more comfortable.


speakimg of sitting-down-to-pee
if it's a Urinal, there's (typically)
no need for a prior Flush & the
Auto-matics are a god-send.

sure beats the helloutta
the little streams they
usta have in bars
back in the Day

that's why everyone
wore those loong

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