I have to say.
You're not very bright.
You've fallen flat on the ground once as we ride the same bus all the time. It was slow motion and a little controlled.
You fell as soon as the bus jolted in motion. Of course on your ass first.
Then laid flat on your back.
You just lost your balance then went down.
To where you eventually wanted an ambulance. I smell fake lawsuit.
I understand too. I crushed a new bag of doritos once when the bus went in motion setting my bag down.
You get on the bus the next day, and the next week.
Can I ask you something? Clearly you're older by the way you walk, by all your gray hair.
So why in the hell must you always insist on sitting at the back?
That open seating up front is for you. Oh lord, how in the hell do some people not get run over by a bicycle?