You can’t ignore it forever.

Our kitchen is disgusting, and you know it because you walk by it everyday. You politely label your food and walk past your prior day’s mess with an entitled “why hasn’t anyone cleaned that up yet?”

Because it’s your mess that you’ve been ignoring. Get a sponge, put some soap on it, and clean up your own stupid coffee stains where everyone saw miss your mark and spill your own damn coffee.

It’s not everyone else’s job to fix your oversight failures. Do you job!

Who knows an extra carrot might show up at your desk if you take out the trash without being asked again.

Honestly, how many professional adults should it take to manage an office sink, a microwave and refrigerator? Seriously!?!?

I swear to god, if that shit colored coffee stain is still there on Friday. I’m gonna start microwaving some fish. Then we can have a talk about rules.