Visibility is a necessary risk. By being seen, we expose our community to the fact that we exist as your friends and family as well as your neighbors. By being seen we expose ourselves to the very real danger that an angry bigot will do us harm.

I believe the more information circulated about the difficulties of transitioning can dispel the notion that transitioning is a fad or an easy decision for us. We know what we're getting into, we know the risks as well as the rewards. The way our bodies change can be very uncomfortable. Our entire body chemistry is being rewritten in accordance with our new hormonal balance.

This journey is difficult but rewarding. I hope visibility will accomplish two things, first just perhaps one less trans human being will be bullied, beaten, or killed. Second I know there are people who are trying to figure out their own place in life and if they're trans, knowing that they're not alone can keep them alive. Knowing they can become the person they see themselves as can with luck stop a potential suicide attempt.

For my trans siblings. You are not alone. You are not broken. You deserve happiness and fulfillment in your life. If you are in a dark place the Trans Lifeline is 877-565-8860 talking can help.