How fucking dense are you?

We see all your fucking Ivy League degrees. We see all the picturesque adrenaline filled vacations you like to flaunt as if you’re some sort of macho hero.

We see you fidget whenever you are stressed or in front of large groups.

We see your mood swings and your inability to maintain a consistent idea through out the day let alone a longer term period.

You’re not triangulating, you’re a fucking coward.

You’re not an adventurer, you’re a fucking tourist.

We see what a complete fuck up you are.

I’m sorry you had to grow up with a drunk dad. That had to be painful. I’m sure no one knows the half of what you had to go through.

I remember the story you told me about how when it really got scary one time, the police were there to make you feel safe.

You are not that child anymore and this is not the same police.

You need to recognize that the Police aren’t helping you, they can barely help themselves at this point.

You need to recognize how unsafe the police has made our community, and how you helped make that a reality.

They are using you.

There is a reason you keep failing so spectacularly. It’s because they have been consistently lying to you for years. Did you honestly think you were the only one they didn’t lie to?

Seriously dude, time to ball the fuck up, before they realize your usefulness has run the fuck out.

Ahsoka wasn’t the only fulcrum.