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The system is rigged, that's for certain. How can I help you? I am talking support, research, information, etc. - these are things I can do.

As if it weren't hard enough, another thing that has just recently been revealed as a way corporations are excluding people illegally is through personality tests (many done as part of the application process). There is a documentary about it called PERSONA.

Here's a starting point that may provide a resource for you:

I offer my help freely and have helped people find places to live, jobs, navigate government agencies, etc. If I am able to help you, I will. If I am not, I will do everything I am able to find someone who can help you. Numerous people helped me when I needed help and I repay that by doing the same for others.

A few ideas:


PS If you do want any help I will create a new email address for the sole purpose of communicating with you and suggest you do the same.


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you ROCK