Hear hear to everyone even trying to meet anyone right now. I don't think enough goes to say about how crazy everything has gotten in the world, let alone trying to just meeeeeeet or date, don't pretend you haven't been looking. Even with all of the things going on, that vetting and betting, the new this and that, and the old stuff that makes you go, "really still, you like this?". Can I just declare my true kink to my (now forever deleted) dating apps: I NEED TO BE TREATED LIKE A HUMAN BEING WORTHY OF RESPECT, AS A LITERAL BASIC NEED, LIKE WATER OR HOUSING. Not an object, not a prop, not your parent, not your MOP! RAISE THE BAR, or break our backs trying to lift it alone. Say it out loud y'all. RAISE THE BAR. I am holding out for the original algorithm of #irl