Thank you so much for your spoken support of the oppressed.

We appreciate your donations. We thank you for wearing BLM merch and proudly displaying that lawn sign.

Of course your performance is neutralize by the fact that you work for NIKE and continue supporting their use of slave labor. Do you think Uyghur lives matter?

Do be so tough on yourself. You’ve been collecting sneakers for years how could you have know NIKE had been employing sweatshops since the 70s as an established business practice. And they couldn’t have done it with out your consistent support over the years.

But your performative allyship is super important.

Please keep parroting the things that make you feel better while taking no time to actually reflect on what personal changes you can make to heal and repair on corrupt and broken system of things.

Should you quit your NIKE job?

Yeah, probably. The way I work through these difficult situations is I ask myself one question, “What would bourgeois do?” And then I do the opposite.