No such thing as half-woke



Yeah, woke is a concept that has been taken from Black people and used improperly by white people, so there's that.

As the United States of America goes, there is no company for which one can work, no where one can live, no way at all one can exist and not be a part of the white supremacist society. It is the life and breath and very existence of this country - it is how it was founded and is the basis of all ideology and policy In order to truly change this country it literally has to be destroyed.

White supremacist ideology, policy, violence, and terrorism needs to be (first) recognized/acknowledged, thoroughly dismantled and destroyed, reparations made to Native Americans and Black Americans, and an entirely new society created on the basis of total, true equality for everyone.

White people need to give up the concept of being allies and embrace the concept of wholesale destruction of every aspect of white supremacy, including their part in it. Until white people refute white supremacy and do what needs to be done to eradicate it, nothing will change.


My comment is neither ignorant nor racist.

The Origin Of Woke: How Erykah Badu And Georgia Anne Muldrow Sparked The “Stay Woke” Era

Harlem author William Melvin Kelley, who’s credited with coining woke in his 1962 New York Times essay “If You’re Woke You Dig It,” and traced its use to Badu’s “Master Teacher” almost five decades later. As important as the word is to our current political state, it is also important to understand the word’s ties to blackness. That the word that was passed from one black person to another, expanding its reach from the streets of Harlem to the West Coast and eventually into the airwaves for mass consumption, making Muldrow an integral part of woke’s story.

A history of “wokeness”
Stay woke: How a Black activist watchword got co-opted in the culture war.

Before 2014, the call to “stay woke” was, for many people, unheard of. The idea behind it was common within Black communities at that point — the notion that staying “woke” and alert to the deceptions of other people was a basic survival tactic.

Where ‘woke’ came from and why marketers should think twice before jumping on the social activism bandwagon

First used in the 1940s, the term “woke” has resurfaced in recent years as a concept that symbolises awareness of social issues and movement against injustice, inequality, and prejudice.


Are the people of color, including many immigrants, who work at Nike also white supremacists?

Also, what shoes do you wear? You have to be rich just to afford any shoe that wasn't made by sweat shop labor... but I'm all ears for recommendations.


Gihoso is a great example of how someone who works for NIKE would respond.

The supporting of slavery is an evil act regardless of a person’s physical description.

It is false to say you have to be rich to afford any shoe not made in a sweatshop, there are plenty non-sweatshop shoes to buy at NIKE prices.

What an interesting first comment to make...


FUCK Nike! Fuck Nike until they cry so hard that all their unpaid tax money starts leaking from their shitty eyeholes. Fuck Nike and learn how to make your own shoes Gihoso. People have been doing that for a millennia. Find a fucking tire and get some rope. Then cruz the internet for diy solutions. That too hard? Buy something local. Buy something used. Get your shit resoled from an actual fucking cobbler. Nike may be in the shoe business but they ain't got any souls. Actually, Nike is in the data business. They can rot in hell.