Well, I just did that Arts Tax thing



Get organized.


There was a lawsuit a few years ago to try to overturn it as an unlawful poll tax. The Oregon Supreme Court ruled that it was an income tax and therefore constitutional. And I think that's why it's unpopular. No one likes municipal income taxes on top of state and federal. If you live in Beaverton you get to enjoy the art and you don't have to pay for it. Like in 2011 when Clackamas County voted to reject a modest tax to repair the Sellwood Bridge. So what did Portland government do? Try to increase city gas taxes to pay for bridge repair, in effect making Portlanders pay for the benefit of Clackamas and Clark County commuters. That went down in flames and pretty much ended Steve Novick's career. In the end Multnomah County issued bonds to pay for bridges. So if you own a home and live in the city you're paying for those bridges so that post-Covid Clackamas and Clark County commuters can once again drive downtown in the morning and then scoot back home real fast at quitting time. Can you tell I have zero sympathy for exurban whiners who complain about traffic? What did you think was going to happen when you moved out to East Clark County and drove on the 205 every day to get to work?